Penny Boden

My Story



Hi There! I'm Penny Boden. That's Shanti in my arms.

I grew up by the wooded shores of Cowichan Lake, Honeymoon Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Mom raised us 4 kids with a love of natural living and environmental stewardship. The whole family was involved in March Meadows Golf & Country Club, where Dad was Golf Pro.

Grandpa Whale (Mom's dad) was the artist who inspired me. I wanted to be an artist just like Grandpa!

Granny Whale built Whale’s Arts and Ceramics; a very successful business in Victoria BC. I loved sculpting with Granny! I usually made cats.

I was happy drawing with a pencil. It was the immediacy of the medium I loved so much.  I did dabble in paints and other media, but when given a choice, I always migrated back to basic drawing.

As a young mom, I left my homeland and moved to northern BC. The joys and challenges of raising 3 awesome kids left little time for anything else. As the kids grew up, the artist in me resurfaced.

I'm back in the Cowichan Valley and my forte is still drawing. It serves as great foundation for my printmaking and painting. My inspiration is my love of nature and cats! 

I'm an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and I've won a few awards. My work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world!

Thanks for reading!

If you want to see me teach, check out CrazyCatArtist on YouTube