Penny Boden Artist & Art Educator
I help aspiring artists draw intuitively & confidently

Price List

Please contact me to purchase


Prices below are based on unframed work

Original Prints range in price from $20 - $60, with some exceptions

Drawing prices start at $100

Pet portraits can be commissioned starting at $100

Most Sketches can be purchased for $20

Cat sculptures are $100

For Paintings, use the following guide:

In the Galleries, click an image to enlarge. Above the enlarged image, you will find it's size, in inches. Use the following list to determine price. If you do not find the size of the image in the list below, find the next closest size. It's price will be very near to that.

If you cannot find the size for a piece, please contact me.     

8X10         $100         

12X12       $275           

12X24       $475          

16X16       $450           

16X20       $500

18X24       $550

20X20       $550   

20X24       $550

22X28       $600

24X24       $600

24X36       $800

Some pieces may vary in price & all prices are subject to change. Please contact me for more info or to purchase.


Penny Boden