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Canadian Dollars

Hand drawn monotype on 12X10" Japanese ornamental paper

This original hand pulled print was created using fine artist materials only. It is unframed.

I once lived where foxes frequently came through my yard. It was always exciting to see one and they made great inspiration for my art! I hope you love my fox art!

This is my favourite prinkmaking method! Here is how I create a drawn monotype:

1. I draw my design and then trace it
2. I ink up a brayer with brown and roll it onto a Lexan plate
3. I repeat step 2 with black ink
4. I place my paper over the brown ink and pat/rub to create background tone
5. I move my paper to the black
6. I place my traced drawing on top of the art paper
7. As I trace over my traced drawing, voila! A monotype print is created!

Any questions? Would you like more photos? Feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!