Penny Boden

Bunch Berries


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6.5X6.5" reduction linocut print in a limited edition of 7 on 250gsm Stonehenge paper

This original hand pulled print was created using professional archival artist materials only. Due to the hand printing process, each print is slightly different and unique. The print shown is representative of the edition. The print you receive may not be the exact one shown but will have the same colour paper and ink. Prints are unframed unless otherwise specified.

This is a great way to turn favourite drawings into original prints! Here’s how I create a reduction linocut print:

1. I draw a design and transfer to a linoplate
2. I carve out parts I want to stay paper colour
3. I ink up a brayer and roll it onto the plate to transfer the ink
4. I centre paper on the inked plate and run it through the press
5. I repeat for number of prints I want in the edition
6. I carve out areas I want to stay the colour I just inked
7. I repeat steps 3-6 for the remaining colours working from lightest to darkest
9. I end with an edition of beautiful reduction linocut prints!

MY INSPIRATION: I love the charming bunch berries on the forest floor! They are sometimes also called creeping dogwood or miniature dogwood. I am a life long nature lover. Hiking through the woods is one of my greatest joys. I am always very careful not to step on these! I hope you love my nature art as much as I do.

Any questions? Would you like more photos? Feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you