Penny Boden

What Me? (ghost print)


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11X7.5" original linocut print on 160gsm Canson Mi-Tientes paper

This hand pulled print was created using professional archival artist materials only. Due to the hand printing process, each print is slightly different and unique. This one is a ghost print, meaning it was the second print taken off the plate without reinking the plate. This gives it a unique, almost vintage look. Ghost prints are quite sought after by some collectors. It is unframed.

My friend gave me a cat photo from her honeymoon in Switzerland. I was inspired to have great fun creating this lovely print. I hope you love it too.

Here's how I create single colour linocut print:

1. I draw a design and carve it into a lino plate
2. I ink up a brayer and roll the ink onto the plate
3. I centre art paper over the inked plate
4. I run it through a printmaking press
5. I pull off the paper and, voila! A lino cut print appears!

Would you like a portrait of your pet? Contact me and we'll make arrangements.

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